Our Story

Madison Cooper, Jr. established the Cooper Foundation in 1943 as a tribute to his parents Madison A. Cooper and Martha Roane Cooper. His vision was to “make Waco a better or more desirable city in which to live.” Over the years, Cooper Foundation has contributed over $28 million to fulfill his wish, reminding us of the powerful impact just one person can have on a community.

Trustees and Staff

The Cooper Foundation has a small, dedicated staff that is here to serve the community. We encourage our nonprofit colleagues to become engaged with our staff to discuss emergent concerns and opportunities. Take a moment to learn more about us.

As I think I have made plain frequently, I want Cooper Foundation to be an active living part of the City of Waco in its development along all beneficial lines, functional as well as cultural.

Madison Cooper

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Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, we cancelled the May Nonprofit Network session. As a reminder, there are no sessions in June or July, and the next scheduled session is in August. Please stay tuned for updates about future sessions.

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Applications are due on the first Friday of every month and will be reviewed approximately three months later (e.g. if you submit your application in October, it will be considered at the January board meeting). Visit our grants page to learn more about the process of applying.


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