Madison Cooper, Jr. established the Cooper Foundation in 1943

Madison Cooper, Jr. established the Cooper Foundation in 1943 as a tribute to his parents Madison A. Cooper and Martha Roane Cooper. His vision was to “make Waco a better or more desirable city in which to live.” Over the years, Cooper Foundation has contributed over $32 million to fulfill his wish, reminding us of the powerful impact just one person can have on a community.

Cooper Foundation’s Statement on Race Equity

Madison Cooper created the Cooper Foundation with the mission to make Waco, Texas a better or more desirable place to live.

The Cooper Foundation board is committed to making Waco a better place for all Wacoans and envisions a community where one’s race or ethnicity does not influence how one fares in society.

We believe achieving that requires a commitment to racial diversity, equity, and inclusion. That means creating conditions in our community where all people are valued and have the ability to thrive, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

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