While the Cooper Foundation does not engage in systematic fundraising, the Foundation benefits from contributions by generous individuals.

Many have honored the memory of a loved one just as did Madison Cooper, Jr. in providing this charitable foundation as a tribute to his parents. Some, such as Adine Beaty, Gladys Ueckert, Paul Murphey, Jane Beville, and Scott Poage, have made the Foundation a beneficiary of their estate. In each of these donor dispensations, we greatly value the confidence placed in the Foundation.

All gifts to the Cooper Foundation go into the corpus, and income generated is used to make grants and operate the organization. That means the contribution will keep on giving for the life of the Foundation.

If discussion of a bequest is desired, please call the Executive Director at 254.754.0315.

Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative

Cooper Foundation was one of the early funders of the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC), a 21st-century research and technology facility expected to have long-term economic development impact.

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Applications are due on the third Thursday of every month and will be reviewed approximately three months later (e.g. if you submit your application in October, it will be considered at the January board meeting). Visit our grants page to learn more about the process of applying.


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