Who can apply for grant?

Grants are made exclusively to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in Waco, Texas. Cooper Foundation makes no advance commitments for continued funding beyond the project grant and does not provide funds for religious purposes.

To know if your organization is ready for foundation funding, please read our Organizational Readiness Checklist.

Do you fund projects in communities around Waco?

No. We fund projects in Waco only. Waco Foundation provides grants to organizations throughout McLennan County.

What is the maximum/minimum we can request?

There are no set limitations on the amount that can be requested. Staff may be able to offer helpful guidance on an appropriate request. We encourage you to look at our grantmaking history for an idea of the size of past grants.

Can we apply online?

Yes. All letters of inquiry and applications must be submitted online.

If, after you have discussed a potential application with staff, they determine that your project fits within the guidelines of the foundation, you will be given an access code for the online application. We believe that the process of discussing projects with staff saves time for persons seeking grants whose organizations are not eligible to apply. Also, we find it helpful to discuss potential projects, clarifying plans and ideas, before grant writers prepare their formal proposals. Inquirers are encouraged to email or call us at 254.754.0315.

What does "No Advance Commitment of Funds" Means?

Money will not be pledged for future years. If we fund a project, we fully fund it when the grant is made.

Do you fund religious activities?

No. Eligible applicants do not include churches, projects tied to churches, or other religious causes.

Do you fund capital projects?

Yes, the foundation funds capital projects, programs and services, and capacity building projects.

How often can organizations apply?

An organization may apply once a year and can be funded for a variety of separate projects across time.

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Applications are due on the third Thursday of every month and will be reviewed approximately three months later (e.g. if you submit your application in October, it will be considered at the January board meeting). Visit our grants page to learn more about the process of applying.


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