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about us

The Cooper Foundation was established in 1943 as a nonprofit, unincorporated trust wholly for the purpose of benevolent public usefulness.

For 75 years, the Cooper Foundation has been awarding funds to make Waco a better place in which to live. Hundreds of grants and millions of dollars have been given to support the arts, education, health care, social services, historical preservation and tourism, recreation, public safety, city beautification, and feasibility surveys.

The Foundation also serves an important role as convener and, at times, leader. For years Cooper has sponsored Waco Leadership Forum, which brings together the heads of important civic institutions. By convening five times a year, the Forum ensures items of common concern may be explored from a variety of perspectives. That is just one example of the many ways Cooper Foundation chooses to provide service to the Waco community.

Please be aware that McLennan County has a wealth of nonprofit resources at your disposal. Cooper Foundation is proud to be one of them.

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about cooper foundation


“As I think I have made plain frequently, I want
Cooper Foundation to be an active living part
of the City of Waco in its development along all
beneficial lines, functional as well as cultural.”
~Madison Cooper

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